A Writer’s Retreat

20180922_124451Back in August of this year a very good friend announced a wonderful surprise that she had booked us both on a writer’s retreat, and that it was a belated birthday treat.

On a cool grey Saturday morning in September, she picked me up early and we headed deep into the heart of rural Suffolk.  We arrived in plenty of time for a nine o’clock start at a quaint village hall that was really pretty. The windows were arched and tables were set up for six of us.  Hot coffee (or tea) and cookies were available on arrival, so a good start – this author needs a coffee fix to feel human in the mornings! By now the sun was shining and there was nothing but peace and quiet.

At first it was hard to apply myself to my laptop, which I had brought with me.  I was almost waiting for the first family interruption of “Mum….” or the phone to ring.  There was no four legged companion asking to be let outside for the umpteenth time.  It was a strange feeling to know that there were no other calls on my time.  Having read through the last chapter written – I had brought with me also a paper copy of the novel so far – the images started to flow and soon my fingers were flying over the keyboard in an effort to keep up with the “film” playing in my mind.

Before I knew it, the lunch trolley was being wheeled into the hall and it was time to have a break, stretch our legs and refuel.  There was a chance, also, to chat and compare notes.

Back to the keyboard again with my bottomless mug of coffee, I was now used to the silence.  I was really pleased with how things were shaping up. I was adding an event to the story that I had not even thought of before.  I was quite taken by the revelation, but that is how I write, I see it in my mind, get it written down and am often surprised afterwards how many earlier “clues” or references all link up as the story comes together.  All too soon, it was time to leave – the day had simply flown by.  It had been great to have some unadulterated me-time, where I did not have to feel guilty for being immersed in the fantasy world of the Dragonlore trilogy.

Thank you Sandy for a wonderful birthday treat.

My thanks must also go to Cara Thurlbourn for hosting the retreat.

Author: Amanda Crozier

Suffolk (UK) author of the fantasy Dragonlore Trilogy. I have a love for dragons and a tale to tell

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