People and places

A Guide to People, Places and Creatures

Axen:  Apprentice at Kevii (key-vee-eye) hall studying under Merezin

Axia:  Younger of Zysal’s elder sisters

Bobtail:  Small brown rabbit like rodent

Carnelia:  Red dragon in past times, dam of Opalina

Brindlemount:  Small village at foot of Pewter Mountains

Charnel Forest:  Large forest at base of mountains by Brindlemount

Clucks:  Domesticated bird, prolific egg layer, unable to fly

Durks:  Small wild water bird

Furlow:  Large village just beyond settlement at Glen Carlia.

Glen Carlia:  Small inland settlement/town

Greyfins:  Dolphin-like sea creatures

Hosks:  Heavy meaty goat like beasts bred and nurtured by Verol.

Kethraine:  Past rider of red dragon Carnelia.  Direct ancestor of Zysal and Zimadon

Kevii:  Title of most senior elder at Kevii Hall

Mallow:  Tiny fishing village, west of Sagehaven

Merezin:  Senior elder (Kevii) at Brindlemount

Merlot:  Kevii at Taverndale.  Oldest known Kevii

Naxos:  A childhood friend of Zimadon who owns and lives on big estate at Furlow

Nexremis:  Sire of Naxos, grandsire of Nixoa. Past owner of the estate at Furlow

Nixoa:  Eldest son of Naxos

Old Neb:  Forest ranger (Charnel Forest), Keeper of the Lore

Opalina:  Female dragon. White scales with rippling colours

Pewter mountains:  Snow-capped Mountains named for the pewter colour of the rock

Royal Athelain Mikkal:  Minor member of royalty

Rumbullion:  Spirit drink made from distilled sweetening

Runners:  Large grey flightless birds that run very fast. As tall as a horse

Sheraz:  An ancient seaman

Taverndale:  Small fishing village on coast where deep valley runs down to the sea

(The) Tendril:  Clear, fast running river – runs through Brindlemount

Sagehaven:  Fishing settlement with harbour, west of Taverndale

Sapphire Sea:  The coast at Taverndale

Sheraz:  Old sailor

Sorcha:  Zysal’s mother

Sorchi:  Zysal’s eldest sister

Spindleberry:  Evergreen shrub with golden green leaves.  According to ancient lore, turns bright red when dragons return

“When the spindleberry turns, dragons will return

Springall Falls:  Sacred Waterfall at mountain lake

Strongmere:  Large harbour settlement south west of Sagehaven, situated at mouth of river

Veredine:  Young Kevii at Strongmere

Verol:  Ancient reclusive herder, at mountain snow line.  Breeds and maintains herd of hosks

Wind Reaver:  Zolth’s fishing vessel

Zada:  War lord from across the Great Sea

Zimadon:  Zysal’s sire. Direct descendant of Kethraine

Zolth:  Fisherman/Trader at Taverndale

Zoluth:  Zolth’s son

Zysal:  12 year old boy destined to be a Dragon Rider.  Son of Zimadon and Sorcha

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