The Search for an Egg

20180419_114259Having seen a post on Social Media from a large supermarket chain for a dragon scale Easter egg with a soft gold burnish to it, I decided it would be ideal to photograph with Ride the Wind for promotion purposes.  I had visited my local store several times and searched among the myriad of Easter eggs offered but, to my disappointment, there were none.   I tried other branches in the area, but still no luck!    I was beginning to feel frantic – time was running out – it would soon be Easter and then any chance of getting them would be gone.  I had left my name and number with customer services but had heard nothing.

 I then had an idea!  I found the original post advertising the eggs and placed a comment saying that I wanted one to promote my new novel and that I was having trouble sourcing them.  Having asked me by reply where my local store was situated, they very kindly got in touch with the store and a few days later, I was able to pick two dragon eggs up.  Panic over with just a few days to go to Easter. Phew!

The day I chose to photograph them must have been the hottest day of the year at that point, and they chose to leave their mark behind them where they had been placed.  I have just realised that they are still there waiting to be eaten, several months on – that is the longest I have ever had Easter eggs in the house without them being eaten!

Author: Amanda Crozier

Suffolk (UK) author of the fantasy Dragonlore Trilogy. I have a love for dragons and a tale to tell

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