Cover Story

In the early days of writing Ride the Wind, I saw a piece of clipart of a waterfall that I really liked and gave me the inkling of an idea for a cover.  Later when the book was finished, I had it on Inkitt for a while and had to choose a photo to use.  Pixabay was suggested as a source, and it was there that I found some photos of Skogafoss Falls in Iceland that were to my liking. In the book, Springall Falls are held sacred as part of the Dragonlore and are relevant to the tale.

I found a monochrome photo donated by Bernd Hildebrandt (User: Barni1) that I could envisage as the front cover with a silhouette of a dragon flying in the sky.  All that remained was to find a font that I liked for the text.  The first proof copy had red text, but I was not happy with it, so changed it to two shades of purple to echo Opalina’s eyes.  Holding the first hard copy with the revised cover was a very special moment  – one that I will never forget.  It was the moment that a dream became reality!

book cover [337] updated from Steph AC brighter

Author: Amanda Crozier

Suffolk (UK) author of the fantasy Dragonlore Trilogy. I have a love for dragons and a tale to tell

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